A coach is a partner who helps people broaden their vision, increase their confidence, enhance their skills, and take achievable steps toward their goals. A coach is an accountability partner.

“At its core, coaching is the art and practice of guiding a person or group from where they are toward the greater competence and fulfillment that they desire.”

~ Gary R. Collins, Ph.D.

Why is Coaching becoming so popular?

Increasing numbers of people are acknowledging they desire more out of life in general - in all aspects of their lives. They want to live more authentically and purposefully. These people understand that a coach is there to guide, encourage, and support! They are ready to invest their time and resources in themselves, with a coach alongside, to move toward greater life fulfillment.

What is Christian Life Coaching and Leadership Coaching?

Christian Life Coaching is an ongoing, confidential relationship between a coach and a person who wants to work with a coach. Christian Life Coaching is unique! While many of the same techniques used by secular Life Coaches are employed, a Christian Life Coach knows that passions, life purposes, inner strengths, and visions for the future are all God-given and that we must live in accordance with God’s plans in order to find ultimate fulfillment. Christian coaches have a personal relationship with God and know that He is sovereign, aware of his people, and wants to guide and empower his people. God is the guide for all Christian coaching - not human ingenuity.

Leadership Coaching is Christian Life Coaching - focusing in on leadership facets, applications, and opportunities for the Christian woman.

“Coaching can powerfully impact the lives of people as we help them more fully embrace Christ’s abundant life.”

~Christopher McCluskey

How is Coaching different from counseling, mentoring, or consulting?

Coaching is for people who are essentially well-adjusted, emotionally healthy, functioning effectively, and desiring to make changes in their lives.

Coaching is about helping people who are ready to proactively move toward a more fulfilling future. The coaching process is designed to address those aspects of life the client chooses to consider. These could include (but are not limited to) leadership roles, life vision, spiritual life, life balance, and relationship enhancement.  Please see the Services page of this website for additional detail.

The coaching relationship is a partnership between two equals - where the coach has life experiences, perspectives and/or knowledge that can be useful to the other person.

“As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.” ~ Proverbs 27:17 (NLT)

Coaching is broader than mentoring. A coach guides others into greater commitment, confidence, and competence in all areas of life. A coach does this by example and dialogue; a coach models such things as self-reliance and determination. A coach sees change as an asset - rather than something to fear.

Coaching is broader than consulting. A coach has the ability to listen, understand, and guide - while a person looks at his/her own situations, makes his/her own decisions about what to do, and then takes action steps. A coach does not give advice or diagnosis. A coach provides guidance, encouragement, support, and accountability.

What kind of goals can I work on with a Coach?

This is your life you are investing in - so, any aspect of your life needing attention can benefit from a coaching relationship. Since all aspects of life interconnect, one affects all the rest. Please see the Services page of this website for insight on some of the endless possibilities available to you! I know you can think of more!

How do I know whether I will benefit from working with a Coach?

If these 2 factors are true for you, a successful coaching relationship is possible!

    You are willing to learn, grow, and take action.

    You acknowledge there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

What difference can a Coach make in my life?

That is largely up to you! Coaching is client driven - you set your own agenda.

As your coach, I want you to succeed!

As we develop a relationship of trust, I will help you explore issues, gain awareness, create vision, strategize, take action, and learn to overcome obstacles. As you share ideas with me, I will guide, encourage, and support you on to your chosen destination!

Why should I choose Yvonne Beals as my Coach?

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” ~Romans 8:28 (NLT)

I am living proof of this!  God has done just that for me!  All of my life experiences have worked together for my good!  I am living my God-given purpose today!

Who are the people who work with Yvonne?

Women who believe that their life experiences are, indeed, a springboard to positive change and growth - to a brighter future!  They are ready to embrace their whole life and participate in life in a more complete, authentic way.  They are ready to make changes in their lives!

They are ready to find courage to take risks, identify and move beyond obstacles, set realistic and achievable goals, discover and develop passions…and much more!

They are women who are ready to invest in themselves to become the leader God intends for them to be!  And, they KNOW accountability, encouragement, and support are necessary for progress!

How do you coach your clients?

We meet by telephone two to four times per month (depending on the Coaching Package you choose) for 50-minitue one-on-one coaching sessions. Between coaching calls, we communicate by email as frequently as you wish. Coaching can include brainstorming, the completion of written action steps, values clarification, goal-setting, identifying plans of action, making requests, accountability, agreements to change behavior, questioning, and examining lifestyles. This is perfect!  It is no accident that you found your way to my website.  All of my life experiences have helped to shape me into the person I am today.  I understand that many of my experiences, perspectives and knowledge can be useful to many people.  God has given me certain spiritual gifts and talents and He desires that I share them, and I am honored to do so with you.

What if I’m not a Christian, and still want to be coached?

I am available to people of all beliefs, all cultural backgrounds. I do not seek to impose my values on another, proselytize, or condemn. I treat each person with dignity and respect.

I want you to know that I am a committed follower of Jesus Christ and that I seek to live in accordance with my commitment.

I want you to know that I believe God created each of us. He longs to be in close relationship with each of us. He loves us and wants our love in return. I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for each of us and that we have the opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven with Him. I believe the Bible is the living, inspired Word of God. Through God’s Word, we receive insights for living.

The Holy Spirit’s wisdom is my source, as I endeavor to work effectively with each coaching client. I pray for each client, by name, daily.

How much do you charge? What are your fees?

Information on fees and coaching sessions can be found on the Services page of this website.

How long do your clients receive coaching?

Change does not happen overnight for anyone. You are a unique individual and have your own unique circumstances. However, most coaching clients invest in coaching for no less than 6 months - and some continue for much longer, as they continue to make positive changes and experience growth.

How long must I commit myself if I start working with Yvonne  as my Coach?

You will receive the most benefit when you invest in a three to six month coaching commitment. If you find coaching is not working for you, you may discontinue at any time.
What Is Coaching?