“It has been a real blessing to know Yvonne for almost twenty years. Throughout that time I have watched her be a wife, a mother, a teacher, an organizer, a guide, an encourager and so much more. Her passion for helping and encouraging me to be the very best that I can be has been a real blessing and inspiration. I have also observed how this passion and commitment extends to people wherever life has taken her. I know very few people who exemplify such profound integrity, no matter what the circumstance. Thank you Yvonne for being such a wonderful example and for your unyielding desire to glorify our Lord.

    Wendi Meyer

“I personally wanted a life coach to help me get on the right track in goal setting in all areas of my life. It’s wonderful to have someone who has a fresh eye who can look at things with a non-bias perspective and then point me in a right direction. Yvonne is a gentle, encouraging, caring, comforting person who is always concerned about where I am at and where I want to be and is able to keep me accountable for my choices. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a little or a lot of support in life to contact Ladies of Destiny, Yvonne to be your personal life coach. She will definitely be in your court.

    Michele, Childcare Provider/Mom, Maine

I sought a life coach to help me to deal with the pain caused by my husband's infidelity, rejection, and possible divorce.  In my time of need, Yvonne walks alongside me, gently guiding as needed, praying for me, and showing genuine interest in assisting and edifying me to the place where God wants me to be.  I find great comfort knowing that she is praying for me and my situation.  Yvonne has helped me realize the extent of God's love for me and has lovingly and prayerfully supported me through this difficult time.  I thank God for using her to mold me into a Lady of Destiny--who is able to receive every blessing God has promised.

- Brenda, North Anson, Maine

If you should loose yourself in the walks of life, or in the pitfalls that may come your way having a life coach may be right for you.  The journey may be hard, but you will find out who you are and what your purpose in life is.  I highly recommend it for anyone.  You will find yourself and the ONE who loves you the most.

    Mary, Pastors wife, in Maine.

Yvonne and Jeff have been used by GOD so many times over the twenty plus years that we've known them.  They have encouraged our family of eight to strive to great heights doing things with GOD we've never dreamed possible!  They've prayed us through difficult times, counseled us with godly wisdom, and loved us unconditionally.

    Kerry, Evangelist